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I have been told that I am different. I have heard it so many times that it used to piss me off, so much so, that I spent years trying to be normal.

The truth is, whenever I follow the norm I would get lost. It was only when I accepted and embraced my differences that my confidence flourished.

I like taking time out to feel my disappointments…all of them. Whenever I get depressed, stressed, disappointed, angry, or any range of feelings that disrupts my spirit, I give myself permission to take a time out and fully experience it.

I call it, “Taking a fuck it moment.” These moments allow me to acknowledge and process my bullshit quickly and release any negativity within me in the span of 2 hours from the initial onset of negative feelings. I am deliberate in doing this because negative feelings evolve into limiting beliefs, which can create internal blocks leaving one feeling stuck in life. I choose FREEDOM!

Arriving at this place of processing quickly required mindful practice and daily commitment, I call this doing the WORK. And…the WORK gets done daily. There is no quick fix and commitment and accountability is vital when creating the life you want to live. Work with me, and together you will experience firsthand the rewards of choosing YOU for YOU!




This 8 week online group program will help you; be happier, worry less, create a brighter future, better financial habits, better decision making, remove clutter efficiently, manifest faster, and become better at asking for what you want and receiving it. Next group session begins Jan 21st, 2019.


Declutter and release mental and emotional blocks from your mind and body with one-on-one 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks OR one single 4 hour session.


Here, we take action by establishing a game plan and timeline to help you achieve your personal and professional goals in this empowering one-on-one program.




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